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Music CDs in Designer Tins

Music presented in singular designer tins. Unique anthologies of full-length recordings by the original artists. A wide selection of musical genres coupled with original and nostalgic artwork means there is something sensational for everyone. Distinctive, desirable, collectible and above all utterly unique.

Exclusively by BRISA



Taping photos to the fridge is yesterday ... now it's time for MyClock™!

Share your precious photos in a remarkable new way. Simply open MyClock™ from the back, insert your photo (or your parent's, your child's, your pet's ... !) onto the clock face and close.

The recipient of your personalized gift will be delighted to pop open the tin and find your specially chosen image on the clock face inside! Surprise! It's MyClock™.


Clock in a Tin

Peel back the lid on fun with the latest addition to BRISA's Designer Tins: charming magnetic kitchen & Travel clocks you will love!


Home Spa Sets

A special selection of wellness products and music to relax at home. Beautifully packaged in a designer tin.


The original VW Bus

A success story since 1950. The VW "Bulli" (the German nickname for Volkswagen's legendary creation) holds a fascination which has spanned decades… crossing age, national and socio-economic borders. Quite simply, it is something which inspires passion in its legions of fans around the world. Throughout its history and in all of its ensuing variations over the years, the VW Bus remains a cult symbol of originality, evolution and independence.

The VW Collection by BRISA embraces all of these emotions and more… an expression of freedom.

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